25 People Reveal The Sick And Twisted Ways They Discovered Their Favorite Fetishes

Everyone has something that totally “does it for them.” In sex and relationships, we all have our preferences and things that we like. But, how did we discover that we really like that one thing? Think about it—how do you explain to someone that you’re really into choking and spanking without thinking about the very first time you found out? For many of us, it’s back in our childhood days when we saw or felt something. But, let’s face it, it can be pretty sick and twisted to figure out what kind of fetish we like. People on Reddit are sharing the wild ways they discovered what “does it for them,” and, it’s pretty crazy.


When I was four, my next door neighbor (sup shayna. I hope you’re doing well.) used to tie me to the bed post, standing, with her jump rope and tickle me.

That one has reallyyy stuck with me over the years.



I had a very attractive primary school teacher who used to walk around barefoot in fishnets sometimes. She’d also have dark red painted toenails. She broke my brain I think.



Phone sex when I was younger was when I first discovered I enjoyed an auditory component in the bedroom.

Having someone tell me how much they want me, what they want to do to me, why, etc is a serious turn on. Hearing the tone of their voice change when they’re in the mood, etc.

It’sbecome a legit fetish where I can’t have an enjoyable time with my partner in the bedroom without them talking to me. Ive stopped dating men who couldn’t engage with me that way. I tried but I just get so bored.

I’ve tried to pin point WHY. I guess I need to know their mind is engaged in what we are doing? That it isn’t just physical but they’re actual present with me?

Obviously without words I can feel that they physically want me but this additional component adds another layer that makes it feel more meaningful and impactful.

So many people have sex without any vocalization involved and I can’t. I have to admit sometimes I feel like a freak show about it.



Idk if this counts or not but I remember looking up whether people with glasses kept them on during sex and was reading into glasses fetish thinking it’s the weirdest thing ever.

I realized then a large sum of people I’ve found attractive wear glasses.



Ok as a young lad I remember watching a mostly forgotten cartoon Cybersix, and feeling funny about the main character, and later as a slightly older young lad I remember getting much similar feelings for Carmen Sandiego in Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego. Turns out I’ve got a thing for girls in overly large hats and long coats. Very specific but we are who we are.



I was a little kid watching Ed, Edd, and Eddie. One episode the girl version of the boys (canker sisters?) kidnap the boys and tie them down and force them to do romantic stuff. The boys are humiliated the entire time and that’s how I found out I was into being dominated by girls.



I discovered my kink for being burned during sex when my arm had accidentally hit a recently used handheld butane torch by my bed when I was having sex with one of my exes. She started freaking out. But I was seriously turned on by the sensation. Most people thinks it’s seriously werid, so I don’t ask for someone to do it unless I know they will be comfortable with it.



I was 17, at a platonic friend’s house. We were play fighting over a remote. He eventually had me pinned, holding my wrists. WELL. I had no idea that was going to be a thing for me. I promptly slept with him and then never talked to him again. But I did then have lots and lots of rough sex for the rest of my life so far.



When my mother made me wear a suit and tie to church, I made a huge ordeal out of it, I didn’t want to, I hated it.

Later when I hit puberty, I found dressing up aroused me, and more so when I am told to do it, or forcedto.

I thought I might be gay because of it for a short while, but I have never been attracted to men, but seeing women in suits, skirts, heels and stockings is a giant turn on for me, and women wearing ties is over the top. But having someone dress me in business or formal clothing is my big fetish, this involves cross dressing as well.



Let me just preface this by saying I have always been a fan of classic horror films, such as 1933’s King Kong and 1941’s The Wolf Man. There was always something about them that I found incredibly romantic…

I was 14 and growing up in a conservative area in Ohio, which basically means I felt constant shame of just beingwho I am. I went to my crush’s house for Halloween and his older brother had us watch 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Being naive and innocent at the time, the movie was rather unsettling, after all I was used to the Classic horror films, and this was rather dark in comparison.

And then it happened. The scene where the Wolf starts fucking the red-headed girl. Just ramming her. I was so shocked and stunned, that when the scene was over I excused myself and ran to the restroom. My crush and his brother thought it was because I was disgusted, when in reality… I didn’t want them to notice that my nipples were piercing through my shirt. I was that horny. And of course, ashamed.

12 years later, I’m still afraid to admit to my husband that I’d like for him to dress up as the Wolf man and ravage me. I just casually ask him if he could please grow a beard.

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